Raphaël Pathé is an entertainer, descendant of Charles Pathé, founder of the French Pathé cinema and music global brands. 

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Raphaël Pathé is an international performer and entertainment consultant, he is the descendant of Charles Pathé, founder of the French Pathé Cinema and Music global brands. Growing up in France, Pathé was hiding a secret: he could feel the future and communicate with people from the afterlife. Walking in his ancestor's footsteps, he pursued a career hosting TV shows such as Emmy Award-winning "WeDigTV" while producing and deejaying at events taking place in prestigious jet-set locations. After London, Paris, Milan, and Ibiza, Hollywood opened its doors to Pathé, but his bungalow had an invisible roommate: a ghost in distress who lead him to complete burnout. Michelle the local psychic advised Raphaël Pathé to use his mediumship gift immediately and to reveal his secret to the world. Setting up the trend of the new generation of psychics and mediums in the entertainment world, Raphaël Pathé added mediumship and spirit channeling to his existing wide range of talents by creating a new brand: Raphael The Worlds Medium.

Starting a career as a club dancer and fashion model in Strasbourg, France he then moved to London UKa brief career as a recruitment consultant and in 2000 he became a fashion model, and an on camera host and actor in Paris.  Pathé then studied dancing, acting and singing. His deejaying career launched in 2007 when he created "Soirée Avenue Montaigne", a networking evening for young socialites in London. The weekly night took place for 3 years at different venues including Amika, Maya, Mahiki, Cuckoo Club, Bungalow 8, China White and Maddox. He got commissioned as a DJ by Paris Hilton (UK promotional party of the “British Best Friend” show), Judy Dench and Simon Cowell (“Battersea Dogs & Cats” charity event), Kelly Osbourne (birthday party) or Joan Collins (movie press launch in Mayfair). Pathé was highly influenced by disco music, gospel, 80’s science fiction and French Nouvelle Vague movie soundtracks but also rave music : his music style is uplifting: vocal house, progressive, electro and nu-disco. . In 2009 Raphaël Pathé joined uber famous  “Salvation” DJ team and started touring with the brand in Europe. In 2010 he moved to Ibiza to play at world reknowned club Space and started a residency at El Divino’s with “Carwash” featuring Sister Sledge. This is when he launched “The wintersound of Ibiza” at Lola’s, the “Sound of Luxury music tour” and the “SoundOfLuxury.TV show”.

The Sound of Luxury TV concept is a music, travel and lifestyle program featuring Pathé's experience as a TV host and Dj entertainer at various events and luxury spots throughout the world. The show’s aesthetics revolves around fairytales, involving costumes and dancers. Since its beginning, it took viewers to over 30 locations in Europe, North and South America, the Middle east and the Caribbean Islands.

In 2011 Pathé moved to Hollywood, California and in March 2012, he was hired by Australia’s Supré retail clothing brand to create a music compilation album to be played in 165 stores across Australia. Recent DJ gigs in the US include “Sound Of Luxury” at W hotel in Silicon Valley , “My Uncle Rafael” worldwide film premiere after party and "Avenue Montaigne on Sunset" at the Standard, Hollywood .

In 2016 Pathé left Hollywood to split his time between St Barts - ideally located between Europe and the USA  - and Mexico's :  colorful Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, and superchic Punta Mita on banderas bay. In Mexico Pathé learnt Spanish and his fascination for the magic of the Oceans, for Ancient Greek Mythology and for the power of animals living on our planet lead him to come up with a new stage name ELQUARIUS® Elk + Aqua + Aquarius.

Raphaël Pathé in Barcelona Spain, October 2019

Raphaël Pathé in Barcelona Spain, October 2019


WORLD RADIO PARIS "Introducing Raphaël Pathé" October 2019


Both inside and outside the fashion scene – Paris is full of international media, talent and personalities. In this show, Charles Daniel McDonald speaks with French media royalty, Raphael Pathe. Descended from the renowned Pathe cinema family, the international business man, model and socialite takes time out to speak about his experience of the fashion scene and his ´Sound Of Luxury´ memories; as well as a host of stylish and witty anecdotes from all across the world.


Raphaël Pathé appears in "EO" music video in Spain.

Within the international media circuit, Raphaël Pathé is a well respected figure. The global celebrity and businessman is a descendant of Charles Pathé – founder of the iconic French Pathé Cinema and Music Global brands. Raphaël currently resides in the Caribbean island of St Barths, which allows him to work internationally with hubs in Paris, London, L.A and Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) . His diverse professional career has seen him host Emmy award-winning shows in London through to sell out performances as an international figure and DJ ...

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Pathé or Pathé Frères (French pronunciation: ​[pate fʁɛʁ], styled as PATHÉ!) is the name of various Frenchbusinesses that were founded and originally run by the Pathé Brothers of France starting in 1896. In the early 1900s, Pathé became the world's largest film equipment and production company, as well as a major producer of phonograph records. In 1908, Pathé invented the newsreel that was shown in cinemas prior to a feature film.[2]

Today, Pathé is a major film production and distribution company, owning a number of cinema chains through its subsidiary Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé and television networks across Europe. It is the second oldest operating film company in the world, predating Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, and largest in Europe behind the French Gaumont Film Company studio.


The Pathé Brothers by Adrien Barrère.

The company was founded as Société Pathé Frères (Pathé Brothers Company) in Paris, France on 28 September 1896, by the four brothers Charles, Émile, Théophile and Jacques Pathé.[3] During the first part of the 20th century, Pathé became the largest film equipment and production company in the world, as well as a major producer of phonograph records.

Headquarters of Associated British-Pathé at 142 Wardour Street in London.

The driving force behind the film operation was Charles Pathé, who had helped open a phonograph shop in 1894 and established a phonograph factory at Chatou on the western outskirts of Paris. As these became successful, he saw the opportunities offered by new means of entertainment and in particular by the fledgling motion pictureindustry. Having decided to expand the record business to include film equipment, the company expanded dramatically. To finance its growth, the company took the name Compagnie Générale des Établissements Pathé Frères Phonographes & Cinématographes (sometimes abbreviated as "C.G.P.C.") in 1897, and its shares were listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.[4] In 1896, Mitchell Mark of Buffalo, New York, became the first American to import Pathé films to the United States, where they were shown in the Vitascope Theater.[5]

In 1907, Pathé acquired the Lumière brothers' patents and then set about to design an improved studio camera and to make their own film stock. Their technologically advanced equipment, new processing facilities built at Vincennes, and aggressive merchandising combined with efficient distribution systems allowed them to capture a huge share of the international market. They first expanded to London in 1902 where they set up production facilities and a chain of movie theatres. By 1909, Pathé had built more than 200 movie theatres in France and Belgium and by the following year they had facilities in Madrid, Moscow, Rome and New York City plus Australia and Japan. Slightly later, they opened a film exchange in Buffalo, New York.[6] Prior to the outbreak of World War I, Pathé dominated Europe's market in motion picture cameras and projectors. It has been estimated[7] that at one time, 60 percent of all films were shot with Pathé equipment. In 1908, Pathé distributed Excursion to the Moon by Segundo de Chomón, an imitation of Georges Méliès's A Trip to the Moon. Pathé and Méliès worked together in 1911. Georges Méliès made a film Baron Munchausen's Dream, his first film to be distributed by Pathé. Pathé's relationship with Méliès soured, and in 1913 Méliès went bankrupt, and his last film was never released by Pathé.[8]

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Worldwide, the company emphasised research, investing in such experiments as hand-coloured film and the synchronisation of film and gramophone recordings. In 1908, Pathé invented the newsreel that was shown in theatres prior to the feature film. The news clips featured the Pathé logo of a crowing rooster at the beginning of each reel. In 1912, it introduced 28 mm non-flammable film and equipment under the brand name Pathescope. ..


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From Los Angeles  to London, Paris to Dubai Raphaël Pathé is "The Worlds Medium" he feels the future and communicates with the afterlife for clients all around the globe : just another gypset .  As seen on UK TV. 

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Raphael Pathé in Newport beach, California

I am Raphaël Pathé and this is my story : I  grew up in France, hiding a secret : I could feel the future and communicate with people from the afterlife. I pursued a career hosting TV shows and events while deejaying. After London, Paris, Milan and Ibiza, Hollywood opened its doors for me but my bungalow had an invisible roommate : a ghost in distress who lead me to complete burnout.  Michelle the local psychic advised me to use my gift immediately and to reveal my secret to the world. 

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