Raphaël Pathé


Raphaël Pathé is an international performer : camera-host, deejay, clairvoyant psychic medium, creative writer and content producer.

He is the descendant of Jacques Pathé co founder of the French Pathé cinema and Music global brands.

Growing up in France, Raphaël Pathé was hiding a secret: he could feel the future and communicate with people from the afterlife.

Walking in his ancestor's footsteps, he pursued a career hosting TV shows such as Emmy Award-winning "WeDigTV" while producing and deejaying at events taking place in prestigious jet-set locations.

After London, Paris, Milan, and Ibiza, Hollywood opened its doors to Pathé, but his bungalow had an invisible roommate: a ghost in distress who lead him to complete burnout. Michelle the local psychic advised Raphaël Pathé to use his gift of mediumship immediately and to reveal his secret to the world.

Setting up the trend of the new generation of psychics and mediums in the entertainment world, Raphaël Pathé added mediumship and spirit channeling to his existing wide range of talents by creating a new brand: Raphael Pathé The Worlds Medium.

Raphaël Pathé is the producer and host of "Celebrity Star-News", "Tarot Life", "Paris Voyance Live" and "RTWM Guest", he can also be seen on "Psychic Today TV".