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Experience the enlightening series, "Medium Talks", featuring 8 captivating shows where Raphaël Pathé, The World's Medium, reveals everything you've ever wanted to know about the afterlife. These intriguing shows are performed in diverse locations around the world, providing a global platform for exploring the mysteries beyond.

Découvrez "Medium talks", une série de 8 conférences shows au cours desquelles Raphaël Pathé The Worlds Medium, révèle tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la vie après la vie. Les conférences sont proposées en présentiel aux quatre coins du monde, offrant une plateforme globale pour explorer les mystères de l'au-delà.


Experience the enlightening series, "Talk2Spirits" a collection of captivating live presentations where Raphaël Pathé, The World's Medium, delves into the mysteries of the afterlife. These intriguing talks take place in diverse locations around the world, providing a global platform for exploring the realms beyond. Embark on a transcendent journey with Raphaël Pathé as he guides audiences through the veil separating the living from the departed in "Talk2Spirits" Across 8 spellbinding presentations, Raphaël, renowned as The World's Medium, offers profound insights into the enigmatic realm of the afterlife, illuminating mysteries that have fascinated humanity for centuries.

From the bustling streets of Athens in Greece to the serene landscapes of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, each "Talk2Spirits" unfolds in a unique location, showcasing the universal nature of spiritual inquiry. Through his innate connection to the spirit world, Raphaël bridges the gap between this world and the next, facilitating poignant encounters and revealing messages from beyond the veil. As a seasoned actor, TV presenter, and producer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Raphaël brings authenticity and depth to every presentation of "Talk2Spirits" His unwavering commitment to truth-seeking and his genuine curiosity propel audiences on an unforgettable odyssey, encouraging them to question their understanding of existence and embrace the infinite possibilities of the afterlife.

Join us for this extraordinary voyage of discovery as we uncover the secrets of the unseen and expand our understanding of life beyond death. "Talk2Spirits" promises to be a transformative and enlightening experience, inviting attendees to open their minds to the boundless mysteries of the universe. With each presentation lasting approximately 90 minutes, attendees are treated to an extended exploration of various aspects of the afterlife, including near-death experiences, reincarnation, spirit communication, and the nature of consciousness. Through compelling storytelling and interactive discussions, "Talk2Spirits" offers a comprehensive and thought-provoking examination of the mysteries that lie beyond the physical realm.

Join Raphaël Pathé on this unparalleled journey as he navigates the realms of existence, unveiling truths that transcend our earthly understanding. Through "Talk2Spirits" attendees are invited to embark on a profound exploration of the afterlife, gaining new perspectives and insights that resonate long after the final presentation concludes.