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“I was looking for a production company to support a major charity event with Rock Events featuring British actress Dame Judi Dench. Trillionway Productions provided a spectacular experience at Royal Opera House attended by numerous celebrities creating an exceptional event that delivered beyond any expectation"

Lily - Royal Opera House London.

"We hired Trillionway Productions twice for our New Years Eve party celebration at W Santiago. Raphaël Pathé performed not only as a DJ but also, as a professional dancer, showing great enthusiasm and professionalism"

Sebastian Viera Perez, W Santiago, Chile

Raphaël is a true and gifted artist with talent across all platforms. His music production is OFF THE CHARTS !!

D. Williams - Executive Producer, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

  • Raphael is a fantastic live DJ, and since he is one of the few DJ's that plays original music, he is a fantastic remixer as well. Being from Europe, he has extensive knowledge of current world music trends and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a cutting edge club or dance remix, or to anyone looking for an original talent to spin their party or even

  • Aaron J. Braunstein Partnerships

  • Content and Branding ProfessionalPartnerships

  • Los Angeles, USA

As Aristo Sonics, I am deeply thankful for the incredible opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse array of clients from around the world. Each partnership is not only a professional engagement but also a profound connection built on mutual trust, creativity, and shared vision. From prestigious luxury brands like LVMH and Vuitton to iconic nightlife destinations such as Space Ibiza, my journey as a DJ has been enriched by the unique experiences and perspectives that each client brings to the table.

The testimonials featured on our website hold a special place in my heart. They are more than just words of praise; they are genuine expressions of gratitude and appreciation for the passion and dedication that I pour into every project. Knowing that my work has made a positive impact and brought joy to my clients is incredibly rewarding.

As I reflect on the depth and breadth of our collaborations, I am reminded of the transformative power of sound to elevate experiences, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories. It is both an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with bringing my clients' visions to life, whether it's setting the perfect ambiance for a fashion showcase, crafting immersive soundscapes for a luxury brand event, or curating the soundtrack for an unforgettable night at a renowned nightclub.

To each and every client who has placed their trust in me, I extend my heartfelt thanks. Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm inspire me to continually push the boundaries of sonic innovation and excellence. Together, let us continue this remarkable journey, creating unforgettable moments and experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.