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Introducing Master Lukas, our fantastic Reiki practitioner. Having undergone extensive training in India, he possesses a unique ability to analyze faces and unveil destinies simply by examining a person's photograph.

Living in Paris, France, Master Lukas extends his healing services to clients globally through remote healing sessions.

Master Lukas first discovered his innate ability to sense energy emanating from his palms during his teenage years. Later in life, a fortuitous encounter with a Reiki master at an ashram in India propelled him into a three-year training journey. Answering the calling of his palms, he emerged as a skilled energy healer.

Master Lukas employs a distinctive healing technique highly recommended for those seeking improvement in their physical and mental well-being.

For individuals eager to experience the revitalizing energy of Reiki, Master Lukas advises, "Expect nothing, but be prepared to receive everything." Namaste!Write your text here...

Raphaël The Worlds Medium

Renowned as a celebrity psychic medium, Raphaël Pathé has become a favored figure in Hollywood's luxury hotels, offering medium readings that attract notable personalities such as actress Melissa George and actor Matthew Moy. Known as The World's Medium, Raphaël Pathé provides confidential virtual consultations via Zoom, in-person sessions at events, and private meetings at psychic studios located in major capital cities worldwide.

Unveiling Mysteries at Le Touquet Paris Plage

Raphaël Pathé's psychic journey began in France, where he harbored a unique secret—he possessed the ability to sense the future and communicate with those from the afterlife. The revelation of his mediumistic talent unfolded in Le Touquet Paris Plage during a haunting encounter with an angry ghost named Fernand, the former owner of his family's beach house.

Pathé's Artistic Heritage

Hailing from the lineage of Jacques Pathé, co-founder of the French Pathé cinema and Music global brands, Raphaël Pathé received formal training in music, dancing, and acting in Paris, France. Armed with these skills, he built a career hosting and performing at prestigious events worldwide, and presenting shows on television. In the 2000s, the trendy, wealthy, and famous flocked to boutique hotels across the globe to dance to the beats of Raphaël Pathé's music.

A Psychic Transformation

Raphaël officially embraced his psychic abilities in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, where a chance encounter with a distressed man named Steven set him on a new path. Steven, facing a crossroads in his life and seeking redemption, found solace and motivation from Raphaël. This encounter marked the beginning of Raphaël's dedication to helping others navigate life's challenges.

Supernatural Readings Take Center Stage

Transitioning from his DJ roots, Raphaël Pathé introduced psychic readings at events produced by French Tuesdays at W Hollywood (Marriott’s Bonvoy) and Sofitel Beverly Hills (AccorHotels). His services, including Medium Sessions, Tarot Card Readings, Pet Psychic Readings, and more, gained popularity among the jetset, the entertainment industry, and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Online Influence

Raphaël expanded his reach online, creating four YouTube shows— "Celebrity Star News," "The Tarot Live," "Talk2Spirits," and "Paris Voyance Live." Additionally, he hosted a supernatural dating live shows on the LOVOO® app.

The Show Continues

Raphaël Pathé released his first book : "The 12 Signs Astro Guide" in November 2023 and is currently immersed in writing a trilogy of books, comprising two historical fictions chronicling his ancestors' history and a third book detailing his personal journey. Alongside this, he is preparing for the launch of a brand-new one-man show.