Raphaël Pathé acting shot
Raphaël Pathé acting shot

Discover the Captivating Journey of Raphaël Pathé in the Entertainment Industry


After spending 5 years in Los Angeles, followed by another 5 years split between Mexico, St Barts, and Vienna, Raphaël Pathé, now based in Athens, Greece marks 2024 as a return to the source. Feeling fit and ready, he is driven by a desire to immerse himself in big social circles, seek a new agent, and explore global adventures. Raphael is collaborating with an amazing publicist in London, the Daps Agency. His vision encompasses engaging in projects spanning arts, music, singing, supernatural abilities, astrology, social media, and dance. Inspired by the auspicious Year of the Dragon, he anticipates the commencement of a compelling new chapter.

Raphaël Pathé Actor Fitness Wear
Raphaël Pathé Actor Fitness Wear


Raphael Pathe becomes a member of the psychic and mediums team on Psychic Today TV, a satellite channel in the UK. Joining the team for live appearances, he offers insights into supernatural abilities and offers guidance on navigating the future.

Raphaël Pathé on Psychic Today TV in the UK
Raphaël Pathé on Psychic Today TV in the UK


Raphael Pathe has joined actress Carole Weyers as the French co-host of We Dig TV, and the recordings are produced in London, UK.WeDigTV is the world's first TV2 network. TV2 is a platform which allows viewers to dictate the terms of their interactive video experience. ®Emmy award winner for best international Interactive Channel in 2008.

Raphaël Pathé hosts "We Dig TV" Emmy Winning Show
Raphaël Pathé hosts "We Dig TV" Emmy Winning Show


Raphael Pathe has taken on the role of host for the fitness segment on Pink TV's Le Set, bringing a vibrant touch to the show. Pink TV, Europe's second gay satellite channel, launched in France on October 25, 2004. Operating on a subscription basis, it was primarily funded by TF1 and Canal Plus, prominent terrestrial channels in France, and made accessible through satellite, cable, and DSL providers. Raphael's infectious enthusiasm and his deep passion for dance and fitness have infused a dynamic energy into the program. A bold pioneer in the LGBT entertainment realm during a period when France ridiculed the gay community, and channel presidents, such as those at Fun TV, were notably resistant to anything LGBT-related.


Raphaël Pathé makes an appearance on Fun TV, presenting a project for the station. However, Frederic De Vincelles, the channel's president at that time, directs a derogatory comment towards Pathé, suggesting that his style is better suited for a different channel targeting the LGBTQ+ community.


After years of steadfast pursuit, Raphaël Pathé has triumphantly realized his childhood dream of stepping into the realm of TV journalism and presenting. His journey led him to the vibrant and innovative world of "Canalcast," a groundbreaking show airing on Canalweb in Paris. Notably, Canalweb stands as one of the world's first web TV channels, a testament to the forward-thinking vision of its founder, Jacques Rosselin.

In a remarkable parallel to his family's illustrious legacy, Raphaël Pathé follows in the footsteps of the Pathé Brothers, pioneers who played an instrumental role in shaping the landscape of the cinema industry. The Pathe Brothers are renowned for their monumental contributions that laid the foundation for modern cinema. By joining the cast of "Canalcast," Raphael seamlessly integrates into this lineage, becoming a torchbearer of innovation and influence.

In his newfound role as a web TV presenter, Raphael Pathe embodies the spirit of the modern media landscape, where the boundaries between traditional journalism and digital influence are becoming increasingly blurred. As one of the earliest influencers in the global web TV scene, Pathe not only embraces change but actively contributes to shaping the evolving narrative of digital media.

"Canalcast" serves as both a platform and a training ground for Raphael Pathe. Here, he refines the delicate art of the interview, honing his skills as an on-camera host. The show becomes a crucible for his talents, a place where he explores the depths of storytelling and connects with the audience in ways that transcend conventional broadcasting.

The significance of Raphael Pathe's journey extends beyond personal accomplishment; it symbolizes the convergence of tradition and innovation. The Pathe Brothers' legacy, rooted in the birth of cinema, converges with Raphael's modern-day influence on web TV, illustrating a continuum of visionary endeavors within a single family.

As an influencer and web TV presenter his trajectory highlights the transformative power of media, where individuals can transcend the confines of traditional roles to become influencers, storytellers, and cultural architects.

In stepping into the spotlight on "Canalcast," Raphael Pathe marks not only the fulfillment of a childhood dream but the commencement of a new chapter in media history. His journey from aspiration to realization mirrors the evolution of media itself—a dynamic and ever-changing landscape that continues to be shaped by those who dare to dream, innovate, and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Raphaël Pathé interviewing an artist on Canalwaweb at the Paris Studio in France
Raphaël Pathé interviewing an artist on Canalwaweb at the Paris Studio in France


In the pivotal year of 1998, Raphaël Pathé not only embarked on his journey as a fashion model but also delved into the intricate art of posing in front of the camera. As he navigated the bustling fashion scenes of Paris and Milan, represented by Agence Profil and IMM Models respectively, he recognized the importance of honing his skills to effectively capture the essence of each moment.

This transformative period witnessed Raphaël's evolution as he learned the nuances of striking the perfect pose, mastering the subtle art of expression and body language required in the world of fashion modeling. The camera became both his ally and a relentless teacher, guiding him through the intricacies of visual storytelling within the industry.

Moreover, the competitive nature of castings became a defining aspect of Raphaël's journey in 1999. Faced with a myriad of models vying for coveted opportunities, he embraced the challenges posed by auditions and castings. The cutthroat competition fueled his determination to stand out, fostering a spirit of resilience that would become a hallmark of his burgeoning career.

By immersing himself in the demanding landscape of castings and refining his ability to captivate the lens, Raphaël not only embraced the basic tenets of modeling but also laid the groundwork for future success. The lessons learned in 1999, both in front of the camera and amidst fierce competition, would serve as invaluable building blocks for his continued growth as a fashion model in the years to come.


In 1995, Raphael Pathé relocated to London, UK, immersing himself in the vibrant nightlife scene and presenting a distinctive androgynous appearance. During this time, he drew the attention of Hilary Lloyds, with whom he collaborated on several film projects. Raphael also ventured into the art scene, attending galleries and mingling with influential figures such as Gilbert and George. Additionally, he showcased his talents as a club dancer at renowned venues like Heaven Nightclub, Bambina, and The Fridge in Brixton. At the age of 19, Raphael enthusiastically explored all that London had to offer, gradually emerging into the limelight. As a testament to his growing influence, there will be articles about his work with Hilary Lloyds in Frieze Magazine and Art Review, and the movies they co-created will be projected at the Modern Museum of Art in Paris.