Pathé Héritage: Preserving Cinematic Legacy through Raphaël Pathé's Vision


"At the age of six, my great-grandmother, Marie Louise Pathé, bestowed upon me a porcelain rooster in Vincennes, a cherished gift that found a proud place in my bedroom upon my return home. She explained that this rooster symbolized France and our family, urging me to display it proudly. Marie Louise's father, Jacques Pathé, was one of the Pathé Brothers, and her husband, my great-grandfather Sylvain Pouly, managed the Vincennes Kodak Pathé factory. The rooster and the world of cinema became emblematic of our family's narrative. Growing up, my mother Martine, an artist herself, captured our moments on film and preserved them through numerous photographs. Her artistic endeavors led her to showcase her work at Art Basel from its inception. Ours is a family deeply rooted in the realm of true artists"

"In a world where wealth often seems to hold sway, there's something quietly profound about the intangible aspects that shape our lives – like talent. Consider the stories of families such as the Barrymores and Paltrows; they effortlessly reflect the natural, familial ebb and flow of gifted abilities across generations. Gwyneth Paltrow, with her versatile talents, and Raphael Pathé, the great-great-grandson of Jacques Pathé, co-founder of Pathé Movie, embody this simple yet timeless truth.

Amidst the noise of societal expectations, their narratives resonate with the understated beauty of natural inheritance. Raphael Pathé doesn't carry the Pathé legacy as a bold statement, but rather as a quiet continuation of a familial legacy. His connection to the Pathé heritage isn't about privilege or grandeur but a humble, innate quality woven seamlessly into his essence. In these tales, we find that true talent isn't a spectacle; it's a natural, unassuming essence. For Raphael Pathé, carrying forward the legacy of the Pathé family is simply a continuation of the quietly extraordinary."

Presented by Raphaël Pathé our Cocktail Chic Party becomes an even more exclusive affair. Raphaël Pathé invites you to partake in this cinematic journey as he shares personal insights into the rich history of the Pathé dynasty.

Guests will have the opportunity to discuss, gaining a deeper understanding of the family's contribution to the cinematic world. Raphaël's presence adds an intimate touch to the celebration, bridging the gap between the golden age of cinema and the modern era.

Throughout the night, Raphaël will be a gracious guide, weaving anecdotes and tales of the Pathé Brothers' artistic vision. His passion for preserving the family's cinematic heritage is palpable, creating an atmosphere where the past seamlessly merges with the present.

Join Raphaël Pathé and fellow cinephiles for an evening that transcends time, as we celebrate the enduring legacy of the Pathé Brothers in a setting that befits the glamour and grandeur of their cinematic contributions.


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