Experience the Unique Writing Style of Raphaël Pathé's Captivating Collection

Raphaël Pathé, a mystic and medium, unveils his extraordinary journey in the enchanting landscapes of France. Gifted with the ability to sense the future and communicate with spirits, his mediumship emerged in Le Touquet Paris Plage during a chilling encounter with an angry spirit named Fernand. Descendant of Jacques Pathé, co-founder of French Pathé cinema, Raphaël's formal training in music, dance, and acting in Paris set the stage for a career hosting global events. Transitioning from DJ to psychic, he introduced readings at high-profile Hollywood events, captivating the jet set, entertainment industry, and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Raphaël's psychic calling took root in West Hollywood, inspired by a transformative encounter with psychic Michele. Confidential consultations at Hollywood luxury hotels soon became his signature, with clients like Melissa George and Matthew Moy seeking guidance. Bridging mysticism and modernity, he ventured into the digital realm, creating YouTube shows like "Celebrity Star News" and hosting supernatural dating shows on LOVOO®.

Growing up, Raphaël was deeply influenced by the works of Emile Zola, finding particular enjoyment in the vivid descriptions and intricate family sagas within Zola's novels. His writing style, heavily influenced by Zola, is characterized by its visual richness and the portrayal of a multitude of characters inspired by people he encounters during his travels around the world.

Recently, Raphaël has taken his talents to the literary world, releasing his debut book, "The 12 Signs Astro Guide," the first installment in a six-part series exploring supernatural subjects. Additionally, he is diligently working on another book that intricately weaves a historical fiction narrative, tracing the captivating history of his ancestors. Amidst his literary pursuits, Raphaël is also preparing for a one-man show slated to launch in 2024, marking the next chapter in his captivating narrative – ensuring the show must go on.

Throughout his multifaceted career, Raphaël Pathé continues to blend his talents in mysticism, entertainment, and storytelling, captivating audiences both in person and through various media platforms, leaving an indelible mark on the worlds of both the supernatural and the arts.