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A series of captivating interviews, curated by the esteemed Raphaël Pathé, beckons you into the enchanting realm of entertainment through Pathe.Buzz. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey as you explore the intricate inner workings of the industry and uncover the enigmatic mysteries of global entertainment, all infused with the distinctive Pathé flavor.

Emerging from a lineage woven by the pioneers of cinema and music, Raphaël Pathé emerges as a guiding luminary in entertainment discourse. Descended from the illustrious Jacques Pathé, co-founder of iconic entities like Pathé Movie, Pathé News, and Pathé Music, Raphaël's journey is a testament to the profound expertise ingrained within his lineage. From his formative years in Paris, contributing to groundbreaking ventures like Pink TV and Canalweb, to his ventures in London as the esteemed host of the Emmy-winning show WeDigTV, and his bold steps into Hollywood with The Sound Of Luxury TV production, Raphaël's trajectory is defined by a rare blend of mastery and innovation.

Set sail on an epic voyage of discovery as you delve into enthralling interviews conducted at prestigious events like the illustrious Cannes Film Festival. Gain privileged access to an insider's perspective, offering unparalleled insights into the pulsating heartbeat of the industry.

In the visionary words of Larry Namer, the trailblazing founder of E! Entertainment, "Raphaël Pathé with The Sound Of Luxury TV has ascended to the pinnacle of the field and demonstrates extraordinary ability." Undoubtedly, Raphaël Pathé epitomizes excellence in the realm of entertainment, seamlessly blending fresh perspectives and unparalleled expertise into every conversation.

With Pathe.Buzz as your compass, unlock the door to the enchanting world of entertainment guided by Raphaël Pathé. Join us on this thrilling odyssey, where each interview promises to unveil new dimensions of the industry's magic and allure. At Pathe.Buzz, the adventure never ends, and the thrill of discovery awaits at every turn, beckoning you to explore the infinite possibilities of the entertainment universe."


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