Written by Raphaël Pathé Logo Book Author
Written by Raphaël Pathé Logo Book Author

Discover the Enchanting Worlds of Raphaël's Debut Historical Fiction Narrative


Raphaël Pathé, is a versatile artist, proudly traceing his lineage to Jacques Pathé, co-founder of French Pathé Cinema and music brands, shaping his diverse career. Raised in scenic France, he cultivated spiritual talents modestly. His cultural exploration from London to Ibiza enriched his artistic vision.

Amidst Hollywood's glamour, Raphaël confronted personal demons, deepening his self-awareness. Guided by local psychic Michelle, he embraced mediumship, integrating spirituality into his work. Today, he champions humility and authenticity, inspiring through Emmy-winning productions like "WeDigTV" and "Celebrity Star-News."

Raphaël's journey blurs reality and the supernatural, emphasizing humility and self-discovery. Grounded in values, he continues to push artistic boundaries, inspiring others through storytelling and genuine connection.

Pathé Belle Epoque - By Raphael Pathé - currently looking for funds
Pathé Belle Epoque - By Raphael Pathé - currently looking for funds



The story depicts the Pathé Brothers' ascent during the Belle Époque, amidst Paris's unparalleled glamour and burgeoning film industry, their partnership with investor Madame Fouquet takes them on a journey capturing both the extravagant and the destitute. Amidst the splendor of Cancan, Maxims restaurant, and the Universal Exhibition, they navigate a society sharply divided between opulence and poverty. This journey culminates in a New Year celebration in New York City, attended by luminaries from Austrian Emperor Franz Josef to the USA President William McKinley, where a supernatural occurrence forever binds me, Raphaël Pathé to his ancestors.

Here's why I believe my book has the potential to secure a significant publishing deal and transition into a compelling movie adaptation:

1. As the direct descendant of Jacques Pathé and his brothers, whose lives have achieved global renown through Pathé Movies, I bring a unique perspective to historical fiction. Incorporating this prestigious legacy into my authored works offers a distinctive selling proposition, akin to Paris Hilton's association with hotels.

2. With a background in acting and hosting TV shows, coupled with my recognition as a supernatural expert and medium across various media platforms, including social media and television, I bring a wealth of experience and credibility to my mystical narratives. My dedicated Instagram following of 2000 adds further weight to my portrayal of such themes.

3. Having worked as a fashion model in Milan and immersed myself in the fashion industry of Paris, I possess an intimate understanding and appreciation for fashion's world. This deep connection allows me to authentically integrate fashion elements into my storytelling, echoing the creative spirit of my ancestors.

4. Following in the footsteps of Pathé Records, a pioneering force in the music industry, I've made a mark as a renowned DJ, performing worldwide from Ibiza to Los Angeles. My ventures extend to music production, where I've released "The Sound Of Luxury" a dance music album as the exclusive composer and vocalist, echoing the creative legacy of my ancestor.

5. As the producer and host of "The Sound Of Luxury TV", I embark on an extravagant exploration of music and luxury, chronicling my adventures as a DJ and influencer. With my experience directing a team and crafting show synopses, I emulate the entrepreneurial spirit of my ancestor. Additionally, contemplating the adaptation of my book into film aligns with my multifaceted creative endeavors.


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Historical Fiction Enthusiasts, Film Buffs, Supernatural Fiction Fans, Social History Enthusiasts, and Family Saga Readers would all find the Pathé Belle Époque setting, detailed portrayal of Parisian society, and multi-generational legacy of the Pathé Brothers captivating and enriching.


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"You see ? You don't believe me, you are so mean"
"I'm not mean, your weight is fine, you look wonderful Balthazar, I guarantee you, you do not have a weight problem"
"Yes I do"
"No you don't"
"You are lying, you cannot even see me"
"The blame is on you, you ate our door handle"
"I cannot help it, I am fat, I know I am fat, I am so fat, I can see the reflection of my body in the door, I told the post office I could not deliver mail to businesses with a glass door, they know I have issues with my body image, why did they send me"
"Thérese sweetheart, is Balthazar fat ?"
"Not at all! Balthazar has a perfect figure, and a great smile, in fact, I'm calling the dentist immediately to get some new veneers so I too can start eating a door knob for breakfast - and some grills too, like Madonna‘s. Balthazar, you have the perfect diet!"
"See, you are not fat Balthazar, I promise you are not fat at all, you look great, but why did you eat the door knob?"


Buenos Aires, October 19th 1892

Papa, Maman,

I hope this finds you well,
I have bad news : my laundry service business in Argentina did not work out as planned…

"Madre mia, Madre mia, you ruined my clothes, Madre mía, Madre de todo el Mundo"
"Sinora Fenandèz, I am so sorry, lo siento, we will repair everything"
"Look mira, all my clothes are ruined, all is ruined! My life is ruined, how can I wear my panties now, they are so small. Look! My two little fingers won't even fit in them, look! You see ? Am I a grasshopper?"
"Senora Fernandez" - sniggering - "It's not so bad, you are exaggerating a bit, you are under stress, everything will be alright"
"Stress ? And look at that, Madre mia. Fernando, Fernando. Santo Cielo. There is a hole in my dress, there is a hole in my dress!" - Looking at the ceiling - "God please help us, save us" crossing herself.
"What hole? I cannot see anything Senora Fernandez"
"My wedding dress, you said it was fine to use the machine, from Senor Carlos, you destroyed it" - Screaming and looking outside - "Fernando! Come in! Fernando! Fernando, come in the shop, ven por aca, Fernando, they want to kill me"
"Senora Fenandèz, please calm down now, everything will be alright, we will repair it. Conchita, Conchita! Come over, Senora Fenandèz needs you to repair her wedding dress"
"Senora Garcia, I am not sure I will be able to repair it"
"What are you talking about Conchita, We Will repair the dress" - whispering in the seamstress' ear - or maybe we'll send you back to the farm you are coming from, with the negros and the pigs"


The following evening, back in Vincennes, Charles , his three brothers : Emile, Jacques, Théophile, the spouses, Joséphine, Laurentine, Hortense, Charlotte and the parents Jacques and Thérèse are at Charles’ standing around the massive oak tree dining table. The future sits on an immaculate white Egyptian cotton tablecloth, bearing the Pathé family monogram featuring the symbol of France : a cockerel. Its arrival is celebrated with Alsatian Pinot noir wine and a feast delicately prepared in the afternoon by Thérèse : six gigantic plates comprising of charcuteries : rosbif , ham, saucisson au poivre, pâté forestier, mousse de foie de canard, viande des grisons, rillettes d’oie, foie gras, and a melange of cheeses : morbier, camembert, brie, coulommiers, munster, crottins de Chavignol, all ready to be devoured along with sour pickles on the fresh baguettes and multigrain breads straight from the Pathé delicatessen.

“How does it work?” Says Emile before tucking a massive portion of brie on a baguette’s crouton, into his mouth.
“Look. I have put a song on the cylinder, “La sérénade du pavé by Jean Varney” grab the handle on the right side and start turning it with a steady movement : not too slow, not too fast”
“All right : like that ?”
“No! Not so fast, it sounds like a pest screaming in a mouse trap, softer please Emile”
“Give me that handle Emile, I can handle it”
“Papa that is too slow , it sounds like Marie-Josie when she gives you the “bloodhound” face begging you for a pay raise”

The whole family is laughing.
“Jacques, try, slowly Jacques but not too slow…”

Si je chante sous ta fenêtre,
Ainsi qu'un galant troubadour
Et si je veux t'y voir paraître"


Embark with me on a Parisian odyssey amidst the Belle Époque. Descendant of the Pathé Brothers and Isidore Strauss, founder of Macy's, I weave our legacies with mine, blending entertainer's skills and psychic powers in the first of a captivating trilogy. Join me in this riveting fusion of past and present.


WORD COUNT : 75 000


12 Signs Astro Guide - Book by Raphaël Pathé
12 Signs Astro Guide - Book by Raphaël Pathé

Raphaël Pathé The Worlds Medium : "12 SIGNS ASTRO GUIDE"

In this inaugural installment of a captivating series, Raphael Pathe, renowned as The World's Medium, shares his profound insights as an international psychic medium, having conducted his work across the globe—from the glamorous landscapes of Hollywood to the opulence of Dubai, the romantic streets of Paris to the ancient city of Athens. With a clientele that includes many celebrities, Pathe takes readers on a fascinating journey through the history of astrology.

Delving into the intricacies of the twelve signs of the zodiac, Raphaël Pathé unravels the mysteries of their compatibility, both in matters of love and within professional realms. His narrative skillfully weaves together celestial wisdom and practical application, making the complex world of astrology accessible to enthusiasts eager to deepen their understanding. This book not only imparts valuable knowledge but also serves as a guide for those passionate about astrology, offering an enriching exploration into its nuances.

Moreover, The Worlds Medium provides profound insights into the transformative shift to the age of Aquarius and its implications for society at large. Through his unique perspective, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the profound changes associated with this astrological transition. The book, a treasure trove of information, ensures accessibility for individuals at all levels of astrological expertise.

For those seeking a comprehensive and engaging exploration of astrology's history, the dynamics of the zodiac signs, and the societal impact of the age of Aquarius, Raphael Pathe's enlightening book stands as an indispensable guide. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of astrology, this work promises to deepen your appreciation for the cosmic forces that shape our lives.